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Quiz Night! – Friday 9th April 2021 – 7.30pm


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Categories and Running Order

Without giving too much away this year there are 10 rounds plus two special rounds to keep you at your wits end!

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Fancy entering a team? Head over to the FaceBook Events page to register >>



  1. Open to teenage and up.
  2. Every table of up to 5 people is a team; you will collaborate to answer the questions.
  3. Please give your team a name and enter it at the head of your answer sheets.
  4. The Team Captain is the designated speaker for your team.
  5. The adjudicator’s decision is final
  6. Questions are categorised into general themes with, loosely speaking ten questions per category.
  7. A reasonable period will be allowed for answering questions. – approximately 20 secs.
  8. We’d Do not worry about spelling, but you must have complete answers.  Answers must be legible to be counted.
  9. At the end of each category round, hopefully we will have assistants who will immediately come around to pick up the answer sheets and take them to the Judges’ table.  Before the Master of Ceremony repeats the questions for the round with the answers, all answer sheets must be turned in.
  10. Use of reference materials of any kind, mobile phones or laptops for researching answers is strictly prohibited.  Please turn phones off.  Anyone using their phone may do so by politely leaving the room.  If it occurs during a question session, you may not return to your table until after the round is completed.  The use of electronic devices to secure answers will result in your team being disqualified for that round.
  11. TIE BREAKER:  We’ll think of something,
  12.  Alcoholic drinks. Bring your own 🙂